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Licensing Policy
Licensing Policy

Licensing Policies are under preparation.

It is proposed that the LDCIL in-house developed datasets would be made public at a cost to industrial and commercial uses. It will also be available to researchers and not-for-profit organizations either free or at some nominal costs.

However, to arrive at the cost of the datasets, at pricing mechanism has been developed wherein the total cost of developing various types of linguistic datasets is being devised. This task will help out in indicating the total cost of a dataset if the same task is done in a contemporary time period.

For this purpose, a document has been prepared by Dr. Narayan Choudhary, OiC, LDCIL based on his professional experiences and with feedback from various other stakeholders in this domain. This document attempts to recount various factors in devising the cost of developing a language data set. These factors have been utilized in developing a formula to arrive at the cost of a data set.

This document has been seen by the PAC members in the meeting held on 16 March, 2018 and has been ratified to be published for public feedback. Some changes as suggested by the PAC meeting are noted as below:

- The DTP rates, Proofing rates and translation rates for difficult domains (e.g. scientific and technical nature)       may be revised as the rates are rather old (2012). This may be ratified in the next meeting.

- Cost of segmentation/tokenization for inflecting and agglutinating languages may be factored into the formula.

- Cost of mediator/interpreter for the field based works (e.g. speech data collection) may also be included.

- Expenses on Travelling and Accommodation may also be factored in.

- The section on dependency/syntactic parsing may be removed and finalized after discussions with Prof. Dipti    Mishra Sharma, IIITH and Dr. Niladri Shekhar Dash, ISI, Kolkata.

- Other sections on WordNet etc. will also be added.

The above mentioned changes are being considered and will be placed before the next PAC meeting and finalized.
In the meanwhile, feedback/opinion for any changes in this document other than the ones mentioned above are being sought from general public and other stakeholders.

The document can be downloaded here: Costing Plan for Language Resources


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