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Faculty > Dr. Narayan Kumar Choudhary
Dr. Narayan Kumar Choudhary

Academic Record Current Responsibilities
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Academic Record






English Hons., Economics,History,Hindi

LNMU, Darbhanga



Linguistics Word Order in Pnar (Jaintia)

JNU, New Delhi




UGC, New Delhi

Dec 2003, Jun 2004

M. Phil.

Developing a Computational Framework
for the Verb Morphology of Great Andamanese

JNU, New Delhi


Ph. D.

Automatic Identification and Analysis
of Verb Groups in Hindi

JNU, New Delhi


Awards & Distinctions

  • Ranked 1st in “SemEval-2015 Task 14: Analysis of Clinical Text”, to occur in NAACL-2015, Denver, Colorado.

  • Ranked 3rd in “SEMEVAL 2014: Shared Task 7: Analysis of Clinical Text”, Dublin, Ireland

  • Best Student Paper Award for the paper titled “Creating Multilingual Parallel Corpora in Indian Languages” at LTC’11, Poznan, Poland

  • UGC-NET Lectureship Award, 2003 and 2004

Current Responsibilities:

  •      Assitant Director(Administration) : Central Institute of Indian Languages
  •      Officer Head : Linguistic Data Consortium for Indian Languages (LDC-IL)

Professional Experience:

  •      NLP Research EngineerL: ezDI, LLC. July, 2012 – February, 2016.
  •      Senior Linguist:Shallow Parser Tools for Indian Languages, JNU, New Delhi.
         May, 2012 – June, 2012.
  •      Senior Linguist:Indian Languages Corpora Initiative(ILCI), JNU,New Delhi,
         March, 2009 – May,2010.
  •      Teaching Assistant:Centre for Linguistics and Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, JNU, New Delhi,
         August, 2007 - July, 2009.
  •      Research Assistant:Centre for Linguistics, JNU, New Delhi, August, 2005-July, 2007.
  •      Project Associate:CSE, IIT Kanpur, May, 2005-June, 2005.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Linguistic Society of India, Life Member.

  • Association of Computing Machinery, Student Member, 2010-2013.

Computing Skills

  • Platforms: Well versed with Windows and Linux (Ubuntu/RHEL)

  • Development Environment: MySQL 5; PHP, JAVA, C++, Perl, Prolog, LISP, CSS, HTML



  • “NLP and Information Extraction”, SCONLI-07, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 8-10 February, 2013

  • Orientation Course in Computational Linguistics, Tezpur University, Assam. 21-23 December, 2014



  • Proceedings of the Third Students’ Conference of Linguistics in India (SCONLI-3). 2011. ed. with Gibu Sabu M., Parimal Publishers, New Delhi.

  • Indian Language Part-of-Speech Tagset: Hindi. 2010. Co-authored by Kalika Bali, Monojit Choudhury, Priyanka Biswas, Girish Nath Jha, Maansi Sharma. Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia. (This is actually a PoS Annotated corpus of Hindi general domain text)

Research Papers in Refereed Journals/Conferences

  • Parth Pathak, Pinal Patel, Vishal Panchal, Sagar Soni, Kinjal Dani, Narayan Choudhary, Amrish Patel. 2015. ezDI: A Supervised NLP System for Clinical Narrative Analysis. In: Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2015). Denver, Colorado. (Accorded first rank in the shared task).

  • Neha Dixit and Narayan Choudhary. 2014. Evaluating Two Annotated Corpora of Hindi Using a Verb Class Identifier. In Proceedings of ICON 2014. Goa University, Goa (To appear in ACL Anthology).

  • Neha Dixit and Narayan Choudhary. 2014. Automatic Classification of Hindi Verbs in Syntactic Perspective. International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Volume 4, 8th Issue. ( ISSN 2250 – 2459 (Online)).

  • Parth Pathak, Pinal Patel, Vishal Panchal, Narayan Choudhary, Amrish Patel, Gautam Joshi. 2014. ezDI: A Hybrid CRF and SVM based Model for Detecting and Encoding Disorder Mentions in Clinical Notes. In: Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2014 Shared Task, awarded third best result). Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 978-1-941643-29-7

  • Narayan Choudhary, Parth Pathak, Pinal Patel, Vishal Panchal. 2014. Annotating a Large Representative Corpus of Clinical Notes for Parts of Speech. 2014. In: Proceedings of 8th Linguistic Annotation Workshop, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 978-1-941643-29-7

  • Narayan Choudhary, Girish Nath Jha. 2011.Creating Multilingual Parallel Corpora in Indian Languages. 2011. In Proceedings of the 5th Language & Technology Conference, Poznan, Poland. (awarded the Best Student Paper)

  • Narayan Choudhary, Girish Nath Jha and Pramod Pandey. 20011. A Rule based Method for the Identification of TAM features in a PoS Tagged Corpus. In Proceedings of the 5th Language & Technology Conference, Poznan, Poland.

  • Narayan Choudhary. 2011. Web-drawn corpus for Indian Languages: A Case of Hindi. In Proceedings of Information Systems for Indian Languages. Volume 139, Part 2, 218-223. Springer Verlag.

  • Narayan Choudhary. 2008. बोधात्मक भाषाविज्ञान, in Gaveshanaa, April-June, 2008 vol.:90/2008 Central Institute of Hindi, Agra. pp.:11-18 (This is a Hindi translation of the article “Cognitive Linguistics” from Encyclopedia of Linguistics by Gilles Falkner, 2006)

  • Narayan Choudhary. 2007. Syllable Structure of Great Andamanese, November, 2006. In proceedings of National Seminar on Perspectives in Linguistics, Kashmir University, Srinagar, Kashmir. India. Pp. 141-146

  • Narayan Choudhary, Anvita Abbi, Girish Nath Jha. 2007.Morphological Analyzer for Great Andamanese Verbs: Implementing a Concatenative Template. In Vishwabharat ( April 2007 - January 2008 Journal) TDIL, New Delhi, pp.113-118 http://tdil.mit.gov.in/april-jan-2008/8.8_Morphological_analyzer.pdf

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