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News >The Lecture –cum-workshop on POS-Morph for Bengali and Oriya Report

The Lecture –cum-workshop on POS-Morph for Bengali and Oriya
LDC-IL, CIIL, Mysore
12th -13th of September

     The Lecture –cum-workshop on POS-Morph for Bengali and Oriya wa0s organized by LDC-IL, CIIL, Mysore. The workshop was organized from the 12th -13th of September, 2011, at the conference hall of the Linguistic Data Consortium.  There were five hour sessions daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m for two days.

     The workshop sessions started with a talk on Introduction to LDC-IL given by Dr. L. Ramamoorthy which was followed by a tea-break before the next session on the Lecture on Oriya Morphology by Prof. Panchanan Mohanty. After the lecture Bengali and Oriya morphology related issues were discussed. Next lecture was on POS tagging issues of Bangla by Dr. Soma Paul. This was followed by an extensive discussion on POS tagging issues of Bangla. Participants from other languages also discussed their language specific issues with the experts.

     The second day was devoted to discussion of the pending issues and a lecture on Derivation Morphology of Bangla by Dr. Soma Paul. After tea break Dr. Paul continued with the lecture. After lunch break Dr. Prafulla Kumar Tripathi talked about the Inter relation of Oriya POS, where he explained and suggested how we can tag more word within less time. He explained the same with elaborate examples from Oriya. He also suggested that it would be nice if we can make the workshop more than two days so that they could have time to validate the work done by us.

Suggestions by the experts which need to be ponder in later stage of tagging-

  • For Bangla POS tagging, in case of verb we can restrict ourselves up to second level of tagging. At the POS level there is no need to give the finite, non-finite, infinite and gerund information in case of Verb Main and Aux.
  • Suffix-stripping will not help Bangla Morph Analyser in case of Bangla Verb Morphology. And Morph Analyser should take care of the derivational morphology too.
  • Dictionary for Morph Analyser should be checked again. Because some of the words which had a single tag should have double tag.
  • The features which are mentioned in the suffix list should be taken care with some more information.

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